Bench Waiting between Matches
Due to the increased number of players at our practices MVBC is implementing "Bench Waiting" when we have more than 32 participants.  Players will need to wait for the next available courts at the bleachers instead of sidelines.

Fall Registration
  • September 13 - December 16
  • 24 Sessions/$85
  • Walk-Ins $5/player
  • Sunday/Wednesday Evenings @ JAC(see schedule for exact times and locations)
  • 6:00 to 9:00 pm Wed/Sun
  • Click Here to Register via the Bloomington Community Services Website
 Authorized Victor Badminton Dealer
Kit and Didi are now an authorized Victor Badminton Dealer. If you need racquets, shoes, birdies, and other badminton gear, please see Kit/Didi for product availability and pricing. 
 Welcome to MVBC
Playing the fastest racket game in town!

MVBC is dedicated to promoting the sport of badminton. We strive to provide a fun playing environment, where people can gather to have a good time and to further develop their badminton skills. We meet regularly to practice and compete. Club members range from beginners to advanced players. People of any and all skill levels are welcome to join us during our regular practice sessions. While we do not have formal coaches or instructors, our members will gladly share knowledge and skills with newcomers to this wonderful sport. All you need to bring is yourself and a fun attitude. Come join MVBC!

(It is advisable that you also bring your own racket and shuttlecocks. Shuttlecocks (DNA $16, Aeroplane $22 and Victor Champion 1 $19) are available for purchase on practice nights - please talk to Kit or Didi.
 Save the Date - MVBC 2016 Badminton Open Tourney

MVBC 2016 Open

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